Xpo-fairs is an innovative online platform designed to manage virtual fairs and exhibitions seamlessly. The system caters to four distinct user roles - Super admin, organizer, exhibitor, and visitor. Organizers create events. Exhibitors can create virtual stands to showcase their products in the form of videos and photos, and visitors have the opportunity to purchase tickets, explore these stands virtually, and chat / video call with the exhibitor and its representatives.

Client Requirements

The client, Fabian Santoro, sought a comprehensive solution to facilitate the organization and management of virtual fairs. The primary goal was to create a user-friendly platform that caters to both exhibitors and visitors, offering a seamless virtual fair experience.


User Roles

Super Admin - Organizer - Exhibitor - Visitor

Stand Creation

Exhibitors can create virtual stands to showcase their products using images and videos.

Ticketing System

Visitors can purchase tickets to access, explore exhibitors' virtual stands, and contact with exhibitors using chat and video call.


User Experience Design

Designing a virtual fair experience that is intuitive and engaging for both exhibitors and visitors.

Real-time Interaction

Implementing real-time interactions within virtual stands posed a challenge due to the need for seamless communication.

Meeting with people Interaction

Creating a meeting platform for visitors to chat, video call and schedule a video call with the exhibitor with proper timezone configuration was a challenging and difficult task.

Working Proccess

Project Approach and Results

Requirements Analysis

A detailed analysis of client requirements and user expectations.


Implementation of React JS for the frontend and Node JS for the backend. Iterative development and regular client feedback sessions.


Rigorous testing of virtual stand creation, ticketing systems, and real-time interactions.


Staging deployment for client evaluation and feedback.



  • Successful development and deployment of the XPO-fairs platform.
  • Positive feedback from clients and users regarding the user interface and virtual fair experience.
  • Increased engagement and participation in virtual fairs,

Technology Stacks:

  • Frontend: React JS   
  • Backend: Node JS showcasing the platform's effectiveness.