Development Process

Development Process We Follow

We Follow a Professional Development Process to complete your website and application smoothly on time every time.

First, we start by meeting with you via email, chat, or phone. We discuss your requirements fully and research best practices related to your industry, your project’s goals, and the type of website/mobile app you wish to build (searchability or visual appeal).

Now, we'll create a Website/App Project Plan. This will include functionality, resources, dates, and milestones for the website. Site architecture is a site map or the full list of desired pages. It’s important to establish this early on as it helps estimate the cost and develop an easy-to-use, intuitive, and functional site.

First, we create a Wireframe Design. It’s a non-graphical layout for a visual guide used in interface design to suggest the structure of a website/App and relationships between its pages. Wireframes can be part of that design process but don’t have to be presented. The more real it is, the better feedback you’ll receive. Once these are approved by you, we start putting thought into action and work on the first drafts of the website design. Our normal design phase consists of 2 revisions on this website; each revision can be to a design or a completely new design.

Once the design has been approved, we will convert your design into Web Standard, Semantic XHTML/CSS code, and Cross-Browser compatible. We convert your design into a fully optimized, accessible web page with pixel-perfect, hand-coded, W3C Validated, Tableless XHTML and CSS. After done with the 1st-page implementation, we’ll start making subpages one by one OR Implementation to CMS and make your site more user-friendly, cross-browser compatible, accessible to a wider audience, and potential market.

Our aim is to catch a bug and fix these in our QA and Testing phase. We test your website coding level, Optimization level. This process is what helps bring a level of quality to the website. After Testing, we launch your site to our demo server to show you. Together we find bugs and finalize all things.

Finally, after hours of hard work and collaboration with you, together we’ll officially launch the website/App. We’ll give you some initial promotion, but it doesn’t have to stop there. We also can arrange SEO services and maintenance as an ongoing service.