Top Tools For Mobile App Wireframe Design To Use in 2021!

The wireframe is a way to test the product concept without spending much time or resources. It is a fidelity simulation that depicts the skeletal framework of a mobile application. Wireframes give a clear idea of the layout, information architecture, structure, and overall direction. It can be hand-drawn using a pen and paper without colors or digitally.

When mobile app designing services use wireframes for mobile apps, they have to adhere to both Android and iOS platform standards. The artboard should be set up with correct ratios. It is also important to ensure the wireframe confirms to standard tap target size of the industry. Tap target means any element on the touchscreen device used to interact using their finger. It can be a link or button, or form. This tap target must be enough to accommodate an average size fingertip and leave enough space for the user to tap at the desired target without tapping something else.

As phones are smaller compared to desktops, the wireframe is simple by nature. But for app development services, lesser is required. You can have a smaller interface with limited space. The design should be clear, compact, and compact navigation. It does not mean the design must be minimalist, but a clutter of features may result in indefinite scrolling. Everyone knows that to type on mobile is frustrating, so you can make sure the wireframing for minimal user input only keeps the forms short. When there are more pages with a lot of informational content, you can use collapsible menus called accordions. It is a technique used called progressive disclosure.

Mobile phones are used with two hands; such a thing enables gestures that you cannot find in a desktop computer. Moreover, a lock screen of mobile has unique interaction opportunities. Like notifications that are expanded by using two fingers and see the preview of content or reveal key calls towards action.

Finally, when the mobile app development company creates a wireframe, it is time to test now. Obtain user feedback via testing is the main aim of wireframing. When you test your mobile app wireframe, it allows you to find the points of friction, decode the app experience and device. The screen flow should match the expectations of services. Using tools, designers can make wireframes interactive when screens and links are connected. It stimulates the basic app experiences for the user.

Here Are Some of the Best Mobile App Wireframe Designs Available for Designers:

1. JustinMind

JustinMind is one of the best tools used to create high-fidelity wireframe for mobile applications. It is a customizable tool that provides a large number of UI elements. JustinMind includes forms, buttons, shapes, and a lot of widgets for Android and iOS. This tool uses the simple interface drag and drops technique for easy accessibility to the designers and developers.

JustinMind tool offers online support to allow users to share wireframes remotely. This allows the app development company team to collaborate and let users share the designs over the cloud. It will fetch feedback from the project developers and work productively.

2. Cacoo

Cacoo is a kind of easy tool used by mobile app designing services that visualizes their idea in flowcharts, wireframes, mind maps, and other areas. This tool is not only for designers and developers but also for the whole team of brainstorm. They will have the ideas, presentation and also gather feedback.

They simplify the workflow and enhance effortless collaboration. The features of Cacoo, such as real-time collaboration editing, revision of history, and on-diagram comments, helps mobile app development services to keep the entire team by your side itself. Other important features are multiple exporting and importing, presentation tools, AWS importer, and in-app notification.

The tools also offer a proper interface and a wide range of templates along with shapes to bring your ideas out. Video tutorials, interactive live chat, and an online support centre during business hours make your job easier. Cacoo is a versatile platform that offers different used cases like architecture diagrams, business processes, and marketing flowcharts. But there is a disadvantage for some users who works offline. There are certain limitations on the sheet quantity and collaboration in the free version.

3. Axure RP

If you are looking for the most reliable wireframe tool to design quickly using advanced click-through, site maps, visual diagrams, and user flows wireframes. You are using the right tool. A broad and robust tool makes it a unique and top choice wireframes design tool for users. It offers built-in widgets along with UI elements. It also provides different documentation tools to choose the design and document the wireframe design. Even the users can add an annotation to store information and specific functionalities.

Axure is a tool to work on with multiple team members on the same project. With cloud or on-premise options, mobile app development users can easily work in a team and access files on the Share Cloud of Axure. It also has a check-in or out system for managing any changes that happen in the project. This tool is best suitable for creating UI or UX designs for classy mobile app projects.

4. Sketch

A sketch is a wireframe tool for brainstorm mobile app development services that want to do ready-to-code designs for the project used. The features included are vector editor, light-fast prototype, and powerful collaboration tool. Also, they offer plug-in options, pixel-perfect precision, export presets, non-destructive editing, and more. Sketch also covers all in-features like drag and drop, feedback options, presentation tools, interactive elements, and revision history.

Also, there are hundreds of integration options available for Sketch users. The biggest disadvantage of Sketch is no Windows version software available, only OS X has.

5. Moqups

Moqups is one of the best online wireframe tools can be accessed with all operating system. It allows the mobile app development company to get connected with the process of app design. It has UI interfaces drag and drop option to place images and icons from the built-in library and personal folders into the project. The other features included are stencil kits and different fonts, pages, and more.

If you are looking for tools to create mobile app wireframe designs, you can contact app development services.