Top 9 Web Security Tools That Can Help You In Identifying Vulnerabilities!

We are living in a digital world. Our life is displayed on the web. However, the web is not as secure as we think it is. Our documents, files, data, and everything else can be accessed, and it can get misused by the attackers on the web. Hence, web security becomes vital. To detect unauthorized users and other attackers on the web, security testing is done. You can secure your data using tools such as security testing to ensure that your data is secure.

Today we are going to tell you about the nine web security tools that can help you in identifying vulnerabilities.

1. Sucuri

As soon as you command Sucuri to scan the device for any malware, it scans for all kinds of viruses, attackers, and malware, and it clears them immediately. This tool works wonders, and it ensures that any virus, malware, or hacker stays away from your device. You can count on Sucuri to do its job with the utmost accuracy. The tool keeps giving you the latest security updates, and it is known to fight DDoS attacks, protect your system from viruses, and resist malware with efficiency and effectiveness. The features of Sucuri include:

  • Redressal of Security
  • Detecting all kinds of security issues
  • Continuous inspection
  • Performance and optimization
  • Deployment of protection platforms

2. Qualys

Qualys is a vulnerability and website scanner. The tool is utilized for locating, detecting, and thoroughly checking for any viruses, malware, and hackers and further, destroying them to protect the data of your device. Qualys can scan and detect vulnerabilities such as SQL injections, XSS, CSRF and URL redirections, etc. The application allows you to use all of its tools without downloading any software. If you want customized scans for your device, you can create a Qualys account.

3. Zed Attack Proxy (ZAP)

ZAP is a testing tool for an open-source web application developed by Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). Zed Attack Proxy is used for detecting various kinds of vulnerabilities on your website. This tool is very handy, and anyone can easily use it as it has Zed Attack Proxy, GUI. The tool cannot fight any vulnerabilities as it is designed to scan only. ZAP scans efficiently, and it is known to unwrap SQL injection, private IP disclosure, Cookie, not Http Only flag, missing anti-CSRF tokens as well as security headers, and the Session ID in URL rewrite, etc.

4. Quttera

Quttera is a scanner and antimalware. This tool will provide you with a solution for your businesses of all kinds. The brains behind the application have curated it in a way that the app is easy to use and has software, tools, and scanning technologies. Quttera can also remove viruses and malware with ease. Quttera is the right tool to use for keeping your business safe. It fights malware such as Trojans, spyware, and even phishing attacks, making it a very effective tool for keeping your business safe on the web.

It also uses artificial intelligence to detect anomalies. Quttera is simple to use, and it gives you a thorough report after scanning everything. The tool has also become a global leader for providing security tips and tricks to the website and business owners regarding vulnerability and hacking.

5. Site Guarding

SiteGuarding can help you resolve problems such as website blacklisting, defacement, malware, and injected spam, etc. SiteGuarding has its compatibility with many websites, namely Joomla, Magento, Bulletin, WordPress, and OsCommerce, etc. Detection and removal of malware and viruses is a piece of cake for this tool. Using this tool will ensure that you are protected against all kinds of hacking exploits. The software of this tool keeps getting updated on time and again. The tool can detect rootkits, internet worms, spyware, redirections, iFrames, and much other malware.

6. Intruder

Intruder is another incredible tool for providing website security. This tool is a cloud-based issue scanner that detects vulnerabilities of the whole web application. Intruder performs efficiently, and some of the security issue detections of Intruder are misconfigurations, CMS issues, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, and missing patches, etc.

7. Grabber

Grabber has the capabilities of identifying several website vulnerabilities with ease. The tool scans and finds out the exact location of the existence of the vulnerability as well. The vulnerabilities that can be scanned by Grabber are:

  • Gra File inclusions
  • Backup file check
  • JS source code analyzer
  • Cross-site scripting
  • SQL injection
  • Ajax testing

Grabber is a user-friendly application, and hence, it is easy to use. However, the application is not as fast as the other website scanners in the market. Thus, Grabber fails to scan large applications.

8. UpGuard Web Scan

UpGuard Web Scan is a very fast working scanning tool that can easily test against more than 40 different vulnerabilities. One of the major features that make this scanner a go-to is that it is user-friendly and simple to operate.

This tool scans websites, servers, networks, and online applications with the help of an URL. The app keeps an eye for phishing, XSS attacks, or any other sorts of malicious attacks. UpGuard protects by fighting against first as well as third-party online attacks by using security ratings and identifying data leaks.

This tool is free of cost, and hence, it can be used by anyone who is facing any security issues and vulnerabilities.

Once you go to the tool’s page, you will be asked to enter your website’s URL, and you will then be able to get a free assessment of vulnerabilities. The tool has proven its efficiency and built the customer’s trust by offering incredible performance.

9. Web Cookies Scanner

This scanner works attentively and tracks trackers and other malicious content that cause harm to your privacy. This scanner offers solutions for compliance issues as well. Web Cookies Scanner has been playing the role of a de facto industry-standard for taking care of people’s privacy and security. This tool scans and detects all kinds of cookies and trackers and does its job effectively. This web scanner exploits and wipes out all sorts of probable technical choices on the website via simulated user interactions.

These were the top 9 web security tools that can help you in identifying vulnerabilities. All in all, these tools will help you to detect and fight against all kinds of malware and viruses on your websites. However, it would help if you got these tools scanned for security as well.