Top 5 Tools That Can Make Your Vue.js App Development Faster!

Vue.js App Development, as we all know, is one of the dynamic tools to build web interfaces and one-page applications. It has come out with much easier and user-friendly functions that have made it so popular in a short period. Vue is lightweight, and you’ll experience a pleasant feeling to write in. it is very easy to learn this amazing tool. Developing fantastic apps for users is great, but what if you can do it even faster than you think?

We are here to assist you in jotting down the top 5 amazing tools that will make your app development process a rapid one. Let’s go through them in detail.

1. Bit

This tool tops the list because of its amazing features. It enables the user to share its components throughout projects and opened the feature of automated isolation of components. Another attractive attribute is that it makes it super easy to turn its mechanism into reusable structure blocks. These can be taken into use across teams, projects, etc. This reusable feature has the following advantages:

  • Simplifies your codebase maintenance
  • Saves a lot of time
  • Aid you to build better
  • Helps your team to collaborate with other components

Vue.JS Development Services manages your team’s shared components to use them again across apps easily, collaborate, and keep the UI constant. A bit has the easiest code sharing, and the icing on the cake is that it has shared components in one place. This point aids everyone by making them easy to find and use them.

2. Vue loader and Vue-CLI

Vue loader is for the webpack that permits you to combine the components of Vuein in a single format called SFCs (Single file components). The compilation of Vue loader and webpack proves to be fantastic as it makes your workflow faster in the development of Vue.js applications. With this tool, you can use a different web pack loader for every different part of your component. Also, it enables you to treat static assets as module dependencies. In short, it makes your work a lot easier and faster with its amazing features.

With its friendly features, CLI proves to be one of the most used tools. With the up-gradation, CLI has now been used as CLI3. You can now have interactive project scaffolding that too without rapid prototyping. To create and manage its Vue.js projects, there is the availability of a full graphical user interface. This tool has enormous support for PostCSS, ESLint, TypeScript, PWA, Babel, End-to-end testing, and Unit Testing. You can now share and build reusable solutions with the superb feature of the plugin system.

3. Vue dev-tools

This tool can also be called a standalone electron app as it can withstand in any environment. Vue dev tools are the browser extension of chrome/firefox that helps in debugging. If you want to make a time travel debugging workflow, then you must combine dev tools with Vuex. There is a new version available where data modifying of your component can be done straight in Component Inspector Pane.

Another deadly combination can be of Vue loader or Nuxt with Vue dev tool. With this, you can open the selected component in your favorite code editor. The only limitation is that it should be a single file component. One thing that should be kept in mind is that inspection will be automatically disabled if the page uses a minified build of Vue.js.

4. Storybook

Are you amazed at the above tools? Well, don’t be!! I have more options for you to make your work easier and faster. With the latest version of Storybook, i.e., Storybook3.2, you’ll be able to experience the same workflow as that of React for the components of Vue.

If you want to explore a component library or want to navigate and view UI components that too in real-time with hot reload, then this tool is just for you; it will offer you the best results. You can develop components at a higher speed from your app in isolation with the help of Storybook. This feature undoubtedly encourages reusability. For developing components in different projects, or a quick prototype, you can combine Storybook with Bit.

5. Vue templates and boilerplates

Vue.js leaves no chance to incorporate out-of-the-box features that enable you to work faster and saves your precious time. What will be better if you can start up your application set without configuring and boilerplate? So here is a list of some of them:

  • Simple: If you’re a beginner and want a hassle-free Vue version, this one is for you. There is no complex development environment; therefore, it is also known as the thinnest version of the Vue setup. Another eye-catching feature is that there is a single HTML file available; therefore, you don’t have to open different files for your work.
  • Webpack: when a fully-featured webpack is combined with a Vue loader, it creates an awesome setup for linting and unit testing. The simple version of the webpack is not product-oriented.
  • Browserify: A simple browserify is useful but can’t help you in building production-grade development. So if you want to go with linting and testing, you can combine browserify that is fully featured with Vue setup.

Vue.js is very progressive, and with its helpful features, it has overtaken almost all other tools. People are becoming dependent on it. Vue.JS Development Company is continuously putting down its efforts to upgrade it and provide its users with the best services.

So here is my little help for you all to list down these super useful tools. Some of them have made my work a lot easier. Along with these tools, you can also check other ones such as Pwa, vue-starter (see), Vue-enterprise-boilerplate, Vue-express-Mongo-boilerplate, and vuexpresso (GraphQL).