The Best Virtual Reality Apps in 2024

Virtual reality is not futuristic any more thanks to the way that technology has developed over the years. Virtual reality apps are still in their infancy, although many platforms offer platforms for both PCs and mobile devices. You can provide a sensory experience that can take the person almost anywhere that is truly immersive. For the best VR experience, you can use a variety of glitzy accessories that are boosted by the smartphone display.

Now, we’ll talk about the many categories of top virtual reality apps for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Windows platforms in this blog.

Here is a List of the Top VR Apps of 2024:

Jaunt VR

Jaunt VR is one of the best VR apps for android to watch movies. It’s great virtual reality software for Android cellphones too, with a selection of comedies, musicals, and environment movies. It provides a genuine theatrical Virtual reality experience because of its high-definition vision. The movies in this app are all free, and the content is always updated.

Second Life

The largest known free virtual world is called Second Life, and it features millions of cubic kilometres of pre-built virtual territory that anyone can explore. Additionally, it contains a digital economy where users may make, sell, and purchase virtual goods like apparel and land using both virtual and real money.


SineSpace enables PC users to construct, sell, purchase virtual land and other goods, and explore the areas. To feel more like a digital person while navigating the virtual environments they own, users can instal full-body avatars. Even an in-world economy for trading and holding wealth in the virtual world is supported by NFT non-fungible cryptocurrency tokens.
The content may be seen in 2D on the client or with the mentioned VR headsets as of right now.


For businesses looking to hold virtual meetings, live shows, workshops, events, parties, and the like for people all over the world, AltspaceVR is one of the top free VR apps. You can invite people to your events with a VR headset (Vive, Oculus, Gear VR), without a VR headset in 2D, or both using Windows and a link.

Titans of Space

Titans of Space is a VR educational app that works with Oculus, Steam, and cardboard headsets. For children and students who love a narrated virtual tour of space, planets, moons, stars, and everything in between, it is one of the greatest VR apps available. Another VR tour software called Within also functions in a similar manner. Check out the paid Engage VR if you’re a business searching for VR solutions to engage with students. A class there can have up to 50 people.

Google Earth VR

With Google Earth VR, you can experience incredible locations and landmarks in virtual reality on Steam, Oculus, HTC Vive, and Cardboard headsets. You begin in space, but you can use the bird’s-eye perspective to zoom in on any area of the world. One of the best VR applications for children and students conducting historical and geographic research.

YouTube VR

By selecting the Watch in VR option in the app, you can pick to stream any of the innumerable VR experiences and videos that have been broadcast by different YouTube channels, or you can choose to access YouTube’s virtual reality channel. These apps let you watch a variety of VR videos and entertainment from Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube on smartphones with Oculus, Steam, and Steam-compatible VR headsets.

Full-dive VR

One of the greatest VR apps for iOS and Android, Full-dive hosts millions of VR videos, images, and more than 500 games on one platform. All of this user-generated content is available to you on your smartphone after a simple installation, and the games themselves will keep you entertained for a very long time. The same applies to Discovery VR, which lets you access VR material directly from your phone, whether or not you have a VR headset.


One of the Best VR Movie Apps, You may watch free VR videos, movies, TV series, photographs, and more on Littlstar. Regardless of whether you have a virtual reality headset for your PlayStation 4, you can access this material. You can get theatrical productions, kid-friendly material, and sports-related material. For others to view, you can also produce and upload your VR content.

Cinematic VR

In addition to the numerous documentaries that are included in the software for VR storytelling, there is also music, horror, experimental work, and animation work. It supports DayDream, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, SteamVR, Viveport, and WebVR and runs on PC, tablet, iOS, Android, and the web.

Bottom Line:

Applications for VR can be created with a variety of features and outputs. At Devstree, our skilled developers can create such VR apps using various VR development tools. We are one of the Top VR Companies that you can trust. Connect with us for further information.