The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Node.JS Development Services!

If we talk about Java Script, then it has become the most famous client-side programming language. This front end web development tool is easy to use and used in many distinct platforms and areas of application. It has gained ground in distant platforms like Node.js. There are so many companies that offer Node.JS Development Services.

Node.js has also become so much popular, but this is not a framework. This is like a runtime environment that allows executing JaveScript on server side. There are so many big players such as Groupon, LinkedIn, Medium, Netflix, and Walmart that have chosen Node.js at back end and developed many applications. There are some advantages and disadvantages of using this environment, and we have mentioned all pros and cons of Node.js in this guide, and you can check them below:

Advantages of using Node.JS Development Services!

It requires less time to learn: This front end development programming language is easy to learn, and developers are familiar with this universal language. They can easily switch to using this at back end as it requires less time and effort to work with it and learn it. Even it can be easy for junior JS programmers to learn it and work with it. You can easily find Node.JS Development Company in India.

Freedom to Build Apps: There are some platforms that impose guidelines and rules of developing apps or software in a specific way, but this language is completely different and offers you much more space. You have freedom to build any app in your way as it allows you to begin everything from scratch.

Node.js Full-Stack JavaScript is Easier and More Efficient: You should look for the best and experienced full-stack Node.JS developer if you want best web application written in this language. Earlier, only JS was the option for client-side development, and developers used to use different programming languages for server-side but now, with Node.js, things become easier. It is easy to write both back and front end web application in JS. It makes app deployment more efficient and easier.

Very Active Node.js Developer’s Community: The active community of developers contributes to the constant improvement of this language. Input and solutions offered by JavaScript programmers make it easier to get many possibilities. This community is evolving dynamically, and you can get reliable and best solutions by community members.

Easy to Process Numerous Requests Concurrently: It offers a non-blocking IO system that makes Simultaneous Request Handling easier. You can process many requests simultaneously, and the system makes it much better as compared to other languages. In effect, your application achieves high level of scalability and takes much less system RAM that results in faster performance.

This is all about the pros of using Node.JS. But, you should also be aware of some cons of using it that we have also mentioned below:

Disadvantages of Using Node.JS Development Services:

A Not Good Option for Heavy Computing Apps: No doubt, it can support and serve many complex applications better than Ruby, but it does not support multi-threaded programming and long-running calculations. Heavy computations can decrease performance by blocking incoming requests.

More Development Time: This is a perfect language for so many applications, but still it has some drawbacks. If we talk about other languages like Ruby on Rails then it offers developers directions from fresh installs, and it also guides them on ways of developing applications. But, if we talk about Node.js, you have to write each and everything from scratch that may result in showing your work down and decrease in productivity.

Unstable API: Node.js lacks consistency as API changes frequently. This instability is backward-incompatible. If it occurs, developers have to make changes in existing code to make the latest version of Node.js API compatible with it.

Immaturity of Tools: Many NPM registry packages have not been properly documented and are of poor quality. These packages may include pre-installed node package managers that manage the installation of 3rd party Node.js programs. There are so many tools that have not been supervising, as this is an open-source ecosystem. These tools fail at fulfilling coding standards and also lack the quality. It is hard to spot reliable package due to NPM’s structure. It requires more reliable, skilled and experienced developers to find out the reliable tools.

Final Thought!

There are many cases where Node.js has proved effective, and its core is stable. But, still it is an immature environment. Many programmers have found it not suitable for heavy computation applications. There are many companies that have been using this language as they have good positive results. This is more beneficial to programmers in comparison to its drawbacks. It has extended the area of JS, and now it can be used for both back and front end.