Ready to Sell Aviator Game With Source Code


Aviator is an exciting crash game. The game features a flying plane, and the main objective is to place your bet before the plane disappears from the screen. The longer the aircraft remains in the air, the larger the multiplier, main to a higher payout!

How to Play:

The Parimatch Aviator app offers multipliers ranging from 1 to 1 million times your initial bet. You need to place your bet within a 5-second window to engage in the game and potentially win big. After that, you only need to observe the plane’s altitude as the corresponding multiplier keeps increasing.


  • Online players count
  • Add money
  • Place bet
  • Display winning history
  • Dummy players on the table with avatars
  • Timer option
  • Place a bet on multiple options
  • Auto bet from bot user
  • Customization in winning amount multiplication
  • Admin commission concept
  • 5 bet options (Player pair, Banker pair, Tie, Player & Banker)

“Aviator” is a social game where players must identify the secret Aviator before being winked at and ‘shot down’.

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