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Game and AR/VR Testing

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As a new technology, VR is being used in a variety of games to enhance the sensation of immersion. To understand the scope and coverage of game testing, organisations should consult with professionals in VR app and game testing.

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We are a Leading Virtual Reality QA Company: Software Quality on both platforms. VR is all about immersion. The main concept is to provide customers with a 360° immersive experience through electronic entertainment.

The concept of gamifying real-time environments is known as augmented reality (AR).

However, like with anything else, these experiences can be ruined by something as simple as a graphical or aural cosmetic flaw. Here's where we come in. As gamers, we understand what immersive experience entails, as well as the unique requirements for doing AR/VR game testing.


Our Game & AR/VR Application Testing Services @ Devstree!

With a history of expertise working with industry titans, our staff is capable of understanding and analysing the game from the user's point of view.

Functionality Testing

GUI & Console Testing

Online Game Testing

Performance Testing

Compliance Testing

AR/VR/MR Testing

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Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons why you should use Devstree IT Services for your AR & VR Software Testing requirements.

  • We have A specialised staff with an extensive understanding of the VR domain.
  • Our Testing Engineers are well-qualified.
  • We have a Deep understanding of VR principles and how VR technology works.
  • You will be provided with round-the-clock assistance by the staff.
  • We believe in Maintaining high levels of client data privacy.

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Benefits of Game & AR/VR Application Testing Services @ Devstree!

Performance and Speed

With AR/VR software testing, you can give positive experiences to your end users while demonstrating the efficiency and high performance of your programme.

Identifying Growth Opportunities

AR and VR technology is advancing at a dizzying pace. Extensive AR/VR testing may help you define your solution's limits and create pathways for identifying new opportunities, developing new features, and improving user experiences.

A Pleasurable Experience

Gamers play to escape reality, and if their gaming experience is enjoyable, they will want to play more. This is your primary aim as the owner, and we are ready to assist you in attaining it.

Improved Performance

The primary purpose of the gaming industry is to provide players with a tough, rapid, interactive, and interesting activity. Quality Assurance assists you in perfecting your game.

A Bigger Audience

If your game is aimed not only at locals but also at foreigners, it must be double-checked, especially in terms of translations. A larger user base will assist you in establishing a solid market position.

User Experiences that are Immersive

From loading screens to in-app user interfaces, our UI/UX manual QA experts will examine every part of your programme to guarantee that your users are immersed in your augmented and virtual spaces at all times.

Working Proccess

Our Game & AR/VR Application Testing Services Process

Requirements Gathering

Test Planning

Execution of Test

Test Report

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We work with industry-evolving technologies and gadgets.

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