Angular.JS Development – Introduction and Benefits of Using It!

Earlier, developers used to use HTML to design static web pages as only HTML was the suitable template language. But now things have changed, and we have found various ways o make the web pages more dynamic and interactive. Developers have started using Angular JS, which is designed by Google.

This is an open-source framework, and this structural framework is for internet applications. It can address the complexities and challenges associated with web development processes. We can say this is the most powerful and suitable front end framework. Web developers (Frontend) have been using this framework for building amazing and interactive UI.

Declaring dynamic views in web applications using single-page HTML has become easier with the usage of this framework. It helps stretch syntax of HTML and let component of your web applications be expressed precisely and clearly. This framework can bring so many benefits. It has become the main and popular tool for modern day development processes.

Developers have already found it beneficial. Google designs it so you can easily find an active and vibrant community to heap experienced and new developers. You can easily get over with challenging issues in your projects. You can offer the best product to your client by using this framework. Data binding and its dependency injection can be the main reason for its popularity. It ensures that code’s large part is now automated or eliminated.

Why Angular JS?

For developers, it can bring so many benefits and help them by simplifying app development process. For clients, it can translate into time-saving by reducing development time. You can find the best Angular JS development company in India that can offer best product that meets your needs and expectations.

This framework is used for internet and web applications, and many popular websites have already made the use of Angular JS. These sites include,,,, and,,, and The Guardian.

Some popular apps are also using this framework, and these amazing web apps are Getty images, Wix developer, Microsoft support, API.AI docs, LinkedIn, Chatbase, Udemy, and Mallzee. It can be used for creating many things like weather apps, travel apps, mobile commerce, ecommerce, video streaming apps, use review apps and more.

Core Features of Angular JS!

Dependency Injection: A built-in injection subsystem in Angular JS helps programmers to test, understand and create an app without any hassle.

Deep Linking: It has become easier to restore the application from URL in same state with the help of deep linking. It allows you to encode the application’s state in URL.

Routing: this is something that is associated with switching the views.

MVW: “Model View Whatever” feature is something like a design pattern that is used for dividing an application into various parts each with different responsibilities.

Templates: This is rendered a view with information from model and controller.

Directives: These are used to design custom HTML tags. These tags can serve as custom and new widgets. NgModel and ngBind are some built-in directives in Angular JS.

Filters: From an array, filters choose item’s subset.

Services: several built-in services are in Angular JS. These services include $http.

Controllers: JS functions are bound to a specific scope.

Scope: Objects that act as a connector between view and controller.

Data Binding: It promotes the data’s automatic synchronization between view components and models.

The Benefits of using Angular JS!

As this is a popular platform and there are many compelling advantages of it we have mentioned below:

Great MVC

Many frameworks require developers to split application into various MVC components and write code to put these components together. It may require more time and effort. But, Angular JS can reduce the time and efforts too. It, however, automatically strings it together. This is something that makes it preferable framework when it comes to developing web applications.

Developed by Google

This open-source framework is built by Google, and dedicated Google engineers maintain it. There is an active and huge community for programmer to learn from. If you find any challenging situation, this community can help you tackle these issues. Your clients can exactly get what they want.


It makes front end development rapid by offering a comprehensive solution. There are no other frameworks or plug-ins needed. It is also loaded with many useful features such as data building, restful actions, enterprise-level testing, dependency injection and more.


It uses HTML as a declarative language, and this is more intuitive.

Unit Testing Ready

This is the most compelling benefit of using this framework. Programmers have to write less code to get greater functionality, and it helps save development time and effort. Applications designed with Angular JS works on almost all the browsers and compatible with IOS and Android devices.

It promotes code reusability means with this framework programmers can reuse (previously written and used code in various other applications) code. It makes this framework outstanding and unique. From development, maintenance to testing, everything is quick and fast with this framework.

Developers have full control over the application as they can construct, test, inject and do anything with Angular JS. Developers can also add existing components to new app by copying and pasting code. These are few benefits of using it. You can find a full-stack Angular JS developer to get your application designed properly and amazingly.

Final Thought!

This is a unique and outstanding platform that can be beneficial in so many ways. It is a suitable framework for web application development as this is the time-saving, quick and easy framework. There are so many applications that have been designed by using this platform have amazing features and loading speed. Share your thoughts with us regarding Angular JS development framework.