7 Best Android App Development Tools For Building A Fantastic Android App!

To develop an Android App like a pro, you need to have some best and top-rated Android App Development tools to work with. Many app development tools are available for you to develop your Android Apps to the best in today’s time. But you need to pick up the best and appropriate app development tool if you want your Android App to be the best.

Today, we have come with some of the best and highly used Android App Development tools that many professionals use for easy app development. Android App Development is very important to meet newly launched mobile phone models and to keep your apps up to date to meet the new features of these new Android models.

We have concluded the top 7 and best Android App Development tools for building a superb Android App in this article. Please look at their features concluded here and decide what the best is for your Android Application. Let’s have a look now.

1. Android Studio

Android Studio is the best tool for Native Android App development. Native App development tools are created only for a single platform, whether iOS or Android. Native Android Studio creates your app to perform on the Android platform. It also has an Android Software Development kit to integrate development tools projects for samples and IDE (Integrated Development Environment Android Studio) using Java programming language.

Using this native android app tool, you can reuse the C/C++ programming language, and hence you can easily combine it in your app with the help of a Java native interface. This development tool is super easy to use, and it makes your work faster. It also helps you to write codes of high quality. This tool also has a drag and drop feature in its XML files, making it easier to integrate your codes into your app. This tool also has an important feature: it can reduce your app size even if it is not built with the Android Studio tool.

2. Xamarin

Xamarin uses C# language to develop your app for all platforms, including Android and iOS. It is a cross-platform app development tool that makes your app development a very easy task. This tool also includes Microsoft Visual Studio that uses an IDE.

Microsoft also includes some of the build-in services for all three platforms, i.e., Android, iOS, and Windows. With the help of this app development tool, you can easily implement your app on mobile phone devices. It offers you to build your app with ease, manage teams, and manage and control your app versions.

3. Android Asset Studio

This Android App development tool is used to add graphics and images in your apps that Android developers support. Android Asset Studio is a tool which is known as Image Asset Tool because of the main task it provides you.

Android Asset Studio helps you add icons for your app from provided images, texts, and icon materials. This app development tool runs icon assets for your Android apps. It also makes your work easy with high-resolution app icons that fit with each pixel density.

4. Adobe XD

Adobe XD is an app development tool for adding designs and prototypes for a better user experience using your developed app. It offers you various features like different screen designs or wireframes for your mobile apps.

Android App developers and designers find Adobe XD easier and simpler to use than Photoshop or any other illustrator tool to add designs to your app. This app development tool provides all the essential features a UI designer needs to work with an app effortlessly.


With the help of AIDE, you can very easily develop your Android Apps with your mobile devices themselves. It is an IDE that helps you to do such amazing tasks. This Android App development tool supports many programming languages like-

  • JavaScript
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • C
  • C++

AIDE develops your apps with native code languages and supports NDK. This tool has features of being cross-compatible, redundancy, and is also easily portable. This app development tool also provides you high security against threats and viruses in-app functioning.

6. SonarQube

This app development tool is an open-source platform which was known as Sonar earlier. This tool checks for code quality from time to time in different programming languages to reduce to risk for vulnerabilities and complexity. This tool can also spot bugs and code smells very easily. This tool can easily analyze these bugs, and also, it does not have any maximum limit for the number of projects you can do in this tool for analyses of detected bugs.

This tool also furnishes constant and regular reviews on your app regarding qualities and can improve your app’s coding experience and results. You can be notified very easily when this tool detects any disparity in your app within time so that you can fix the problem very easily.

7. Appium

Appium is an open-source tool where you can easily automate your apps like mobile apps, native apps, hybrid apps, or web apps. This Android app development tool is a cross-platform tool to manage your apps over all platforms. This tool is built in such a way that it can easily use your practice projects, framework, and tools for testing your Android App.

This app development tool is basically for managing and checking the functionality of your apps. To aid the Appium app development tool, you don’t need to install any other app on your mobile devices. This tool also supports some of the programming languages like Java and Python.


Android App development is the fastest growing industry where you need tools to operate your apps, adding ad host updated features and keep These App Development tools used by many people with good reviews about their exciting features.

We have concluded some of the best yet easy-to-use Android App Development Tools that you can consider analyzing the features they provide and start developing your Android apps with much ease from now.