10 Best Angular JS Development Tools For Developer 2021!

Web developers prefer Angular JS Development Tools to make their designs more dynamic and attractive. They use HTML as a template language and thus the components of the application. The following are the latest Angular JS Web Development tools for testing. They include IDE editing, Front-end development, elite library modules, code generator, text editor, Grid tools, and Angular online editors to name a few.

1: WebStorm

WebStorm is a set of files whose method and functions are added to the internal knowledge of WebStorm. When you need to edit a project code, WebStorm retrieves it for you. It has two auto-generated library folders.

Major Features:

  • Auto-completes the code, identifies redundancies and errors and helps in refactoring the code.
  • Make coding of Angular, Vue, React, Node JS, or Style sheet an enjoyable experience for more than ten years
  • It tests your client-side apps and Node js apps and debugs.
  • Automatic update of pages in your browser while editing your CSS, HTML, or JavaScript
  • It adds to the missing import statement for standard JS modules

2: Visual Studio

It quickly finds bugs existent in your code for JavaScript. The powerful source maps facilitate dropping breakpoints into your code. Another feature Just My Code allows you to focus on the code currently written by you. Any issues slowing down the performance are immediately detected.

Visual Studio takes care of debugging support of the client-side. Breakpoints are the most essential features for trusted debugging. The breakpoint identifies where the Studio should stop running the code so that you can look at the behavior of memory, values of variables, and running of the branch of code. Debugging experience will be the best by using the source map through transpilers such as Babel or Typescript.

3: Karma

For Angular JS Web App Development, Karma brings an environment of productive testing for the developers. This environment frees the developers of for setting up loads of configurations. Instead, they can write the code and get immediate feedback from their test. Thus they become more innovative and productive

Major Features:

  • Testing on Real Devices. You can test your code on the actual browser of devices such as tablets, phones, or even on a headless Phantom JS
  • Remote Control: You can control the whole flow of work from the line of command or your IDE
  • Continuous Integration with Travis, Jenkins, or Semaphore.

4: Aptana Studio

Apanta. Inc is an Angular JS Web App Development Company engaged in the production of web application tools used with various programming languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. The major products include

  • Aptana Cloud
  • Aptana Studio
  • Aptana Jaxer

Aptana Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It supports HTML.JavaScript, CSS, and DOM. With additional plugins, it can support Ruby on Rails, Python, Perl, and PHP. And it is based on Eclipse to build web applications.

5: Protractor

It is an end-to-end framework for testing Angular JS and Angular applications. It can conduct the testing even while your application Is running in a real browser. It is made by Google subsequent upon WebDriver. It also replaces the AngularJS E2E framework for testing with the title Angular Scenario Runner.

Combining the latest technologies becomes a solution integrator of reputed companies such as Selenium, NodeJS, WebDriver, Jasmine, Mocha, and Cucumber. It also performs automated regression tests for Web applications. It can be tested in an actual browser.

6: Angular Fire

You can build and reuse your abilities and code for any Angular JS Web App Development Services.
It is developed and maintained by Google. It simplifies testing and the development of apps by providing Mobile View Controller (MVC) architecture. It is on Long Term Support or LTS, which is valid till December 31, 2021.

7: Angular IDE

It is exclusively built for Angular. Besides a stand-alone plugin, it also has an Eclipse plugin. The management of tsconfig.json first created it. It can be quickly learned. By editing TypeScript 3.0, it optimizes for making the most of angular.

Major Features:

  • Integration of CLI integration
  • Validation and debugging of TypeScript 3.0
  • It provides support to Angular
  • Equipped with upgraded templates of HTML with auto-completion and validation
  • Formatting of full-file
  • Occurrence highlighting and Syntax coloring
  • Display of mistakes when you are coding
  • Real-time validation

8: Sublime Text

It is an advanced editor of text for code, prose, and markup. It provides high performance and a higher user interface. However, several functions of the plugin are involved.

Major Features:

  • Plugin API
  • Go to anything
  • Optimized and customizable functions
  • Command palette
  • Project switch at hand
  • Editing of cross platforms
  • Split editing
  • Extending support for Type Script code editing

9: Mocha JS

Mocha.JS is a JavaScript framework for testing that runs on Node JS in the browser. It is open source. With a straightforward interface, it can test both the synchronous and asynchronous code. It runs tests sequentially for delivering accurate and flexible reporting.

At the same time, it maps uncaught exceptions in correspondence to their test cases. You can use it in most assertion libraries, but it is popularly used with Chai, an assertion library for the browser and Node. Js. It has several interfaces for defining test suites and individual rests such as Exports, TSS, Require, and QUnit. BDD is the default interface.

10: Djangular

It is built on an interactive app that is in JavaScript. It has a REST API (Django) that functions as a backend data source. Djangular also offers ready-to-use apps known as modules. This may be an authentication module with login, a blog module, or sign-up. Create a simple CRUD app with the front end of Angular JS. It handles all of the logic and hosts on AWS EC2. The backend comes with REST complete endpoints. It is hosted on Heroku

Major Features:

  • Similar features as provided in templates of Django
  • Improvement in security through JSON vulnerability and CSRF protection
  • Adds a patch