How To Convert iOS App To Android App? (Cost + Challenges)

You may now be using your earning from your brand by using the App Store. But when you come to know that the Android platform shares almost 80% of the OS mobile market, you would like to convert your iOS App to Android App. But, in order to know how best is the time for you to convert; you need to know Cost as well as Challenges involved in the process of conversion. A Mobile App Development Company can do the job for you.

iOS platform has a closed source and has a large set of APIs. It is proprietary. Android platform has open-source. Currently, no program is capable of porting iOS code to Android. However, code translation could be done through open source tools of Google mJ2ObjC. Therefore, Mobile Application Development is essential to get porting into an Android source.

Reasons for Converting

  • Reaching a wider market
  • Appealing to the target audience of iPhone users. These features include the physical back – navigation button, push notification, Android Intents, widgets, and Android Wear
  • Saving on Resources: By replicating your existing iPhone application, you can save time, effort, and cost. You do not have to hire Android app development services to create new facilities.
  • Fast and high Rate of Return (ROI)
  • By using both platforms, you make more money.

Since there are no readymade tools for conversion, you have to hire the services of a reputed Mobile App Development Company. The company will make changes to interface design, navigation, and programming languages. Android apps use ByteCode (JUVM), and iOS make use of compiled code.

1. Chalking out a Plan

Analyze the bottleneck features of your current iOS. It should include the workflow, design, possible errors and solutions, back-end individualities, tools and framework, and the app porting process.

2. Evaluation and Execution of the Plan

You evaluate all the relevant technicalities such as libraries, code, and third-party Mobile App Development Services and choose the right tech stack that saves time and money.

3. Testing and Releasing the App

You need to focus on quality assurance that could be ensured only if you hire the services of a reputed Android App Development Company. The company uses Android devices or emulation tools. The following testing is conducted:

  • Load Testing
  • Validation
  • Beta Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

After getting a green signal from the Android App Development Company, you can release your Android app

Mobile Application Development involves changing your apps to use the additional features and hardware functionality of Android that are not found in iOS. iOS has a pre-configuring device for recognizing the Bluetooth devices. On the other hand, the Android platform has the device of recognizing Bluetooth LE devices. Some Android devices use Nearfield Communication (NFC). Certain iOS has this feature for Apple Pay.

Reputed Android App Development Company has the expertise of leveraging the unique features of Android so that users can enjoy most of the advanced features.


The cost of porting to a different platform depends upon the kind of Mobile App Development Services you are hiring. The cost depends on size and features. But on average, it may vary between a moderate of $30,000.00 to $50,000.00. It would be best if you considered the following factors.

  • System works
  • Programming languages to be adopted
  • APIs
  • Current uses of the app; iOS user interface or Android UI
  • Ensuring security in ported code
  • Software or SDKs development kits
  • How the hardware elements interact with the app
  • Types of devices used and the version of Android support


Because of the complexities involved in conversion, even the best iOS Development Company faces numerous challenges while converting IOS into Android App.

1. Architecture Difference: Android has too many versions, new features coming almost every quarter. Frequent changes are made about file management, notification, navigation, and compatibility of other mobile apps. To solve this problem, you need to hire Mobile App Development Service to cover over 90% of all mobile devices.

2. Design Features: The Android App Development Company designs the app as per the requirement of the new platform. Both have their own sets of design rules that cover the app’s size, shape, and concept. While Android adopts Material design standards, Apple adopts guidelines of human interface. This helps ensures easier transactions without any confusion.

Major differences between the two platforms are tabs, buttons, lists, widgets, data, navigation elements, and time sectors. The Android App Development Company redesigns the wireframes such that they give the Android Look. You may like to have only one design or customize the same.

3: Frameworks, Libraries, and Code: Mobile Application Development always have certain rules and libraries. The Android App Development Company checks the compatibility of the intended Android app with these rules. Most Android developers use Java or Kotlin, whereas iPhone apps use Swift language. Thus code from one platform cannot be used in another. However, Objective-C language is compatible with both platforms.

The iOs App Development Company needs to readjust the blueprint of your App’s UI. This is because both platforms have different UI programming and implementation of API and SDK. Therefore the iOS App Development Company redesigns both the wireframes and underlying code.

4: Size of the Screen: This is the basic challenge an iOS Developing Company faces while changing the port. There are significant differences between the sizes of Android and iOS. Besides, the company has to make the right bitmap size based on the gadget. On the other hand, Android apps can work on different devices, irrespective of the size of the screen.


With the rapid advancement of technologies, new opportunities are being created for making more money by covering a wider market. One such opportunity is converting your iOS app into Android. The cost indicated above leaves greater scope for making the right choice. The basic need for taking full advantage is to make a systematic approach and hiring the services of a reputed App Development Company.