A video surveillance system based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide many benefits over traditional surveillance systems. AI can be used to create an autonomous, personalized, and accurate surveillance system that can help prevent crime and protect people and property.


Technology We Used




Application Features


AI-powered surveillance systems can work autonomously, which means they can operate 24/7 without human intervention. This allows the system to continuously monitor the area without any breaks, ensuring that all activity is captured.


AI can analyze the behavior of people and objects within the surveillance area and learn what is normal activity and what is abnormal. This can help the system identify suspicious behavior and alert security personnel.

False Alarm Avoidance

Traditional surveillance systems can generate a lot of false alarms, which can be a major issue for security personnel. With AI, the system can distinguish between false alarms and real threats, reducing the number of false alarms and ensuring that security personnel are only alerted when there is a genuine threat.

Object Recognition

AI can recognize and track objects, such as people or vehicles, within the surveillance area. This can help the system identify potential threats and track suspicious activit

Automated Response

With AI, the surveillance system can be programmed to take certain actions when it identifies a threat, such as sounding an alarm, sending an alert to security personnel, or triggering a response from law enforcement. Durga - Video Surveillance System - Devstree https://www.devstree.com