Mobile Game Development: Top Trends, Tools, And Practices!

Just like any other industry, mobile gaming has been consistently evolving and meticulously developing. If you are an ardent admirer of mobile gaming, the present gaming packages provide you eye-catching visual effects along with real-life story lines. You just can’t restrain yourself from choosing one. But, you must choose the right mobile development company such as the Devstree IT Services.

Three Key Elements Good Games!

User Application: It should attract the target audience

User Engagement: It should entertain the user by engaging on an excellent time

User Retention: The users should feel like having it forever. They should not look out for a substitute.



The process of mobile game development should be simple for users to learn and use quickly. Complexity and cumbersomeness distract the user from choosing the game. The user wants pleasure and entertainment, not brainstorming. A novice should also like to pick it up as his first gaming. Conceptualizing the process should be crystal clear.


The design should create curiosity, intuition, and intriguing UX and User Interface (UI). Ease of interfacing creates preparedness for spending money on the game. The design should have a unique storyline with new characters, not like others. Characters with humor, adventure, and out of the way action attract the users. They find themselves in such characters.


Updating the game adds to the continuity. It breaks the monotony and makes the users continue playing the game. The change of storylines, characters, features, and contents makes it possible. Even if continuing the same game, the players find themselves in newer environments. New updates and extensions in the shapes of episodes ensure continuity.


Urgency is a state of mind to prioritize action. Reward and challenges create urgency. Hence, mobile game development services should provide these regularly. The users will never get bored even if they play they play the same game again and again. The real interest is the rewards that they get.


Every player wants a quick start, and less RAM. Users will prefer a game that executes at the touch of the icon. They have no patience to wait. The early bird gets the best of the gaming business. Moreover, the game should leave nothing to incorporate the latest in the gaming industry.


Augmented Reality (AR) games are the fantastical concept of fighting aliens, defend kingdoms in the real world, and capture fantastical creatures. These games may build an environment from user surroundings. The popularity of Pokemon Go of 2016 stands witness to AR. In the game, players had the target of searching for virtual (not real)l creatures. Another VR is a console on which users played VR-based games.

The following VR/AR is being developed for play during 2019-2024:

  • Changing from PC-based game to standalone Mobile devices
  • Wider Field-of-View Displays
  • 5G mobile devices for reducing latency to the levels of imperceptibility
  • Enabling o persistent AR mirror worlds by mapping the world

The prospect of learning and developing VR is enormous. The user can have a life-like experience. By 2022, over 55 million active VR headsets will in the US market. PwC has projected in its annual report on global media entertainment. It may assume him as big as Netflix within the next five years. MR is the Mixed Reality. The AR, VR, and MR create a digital environment, replacing reality with a new 3Denvironment.

Global Sales Revenue from VR video gaming 2015 to 2020 VR exhibits a sharp increase from $0.66 billion USD to $22.9 billion USD, a sharp increase of 2470%. The Annual data in billion US dollars are as below:

Year                                          Annual Data (in USD)

2015                                               $0.66 Billion

2016                                               $3.60 Billion

2017                                               $5.80 Billion

2018                                              $15.10 Billion

2020                                             $22.90 Billion

Wearable Gaming

Wearing technology involves wearing smart jewelry such as watches, vests, helmets with small sensors on your legs, chest, and foreheads, wrist band, and pins. Users can stand up and walk around on the game’s map. This technology entirely creates a halo deck like experience with the help of AR and VR. The characters in the game start functioning when you move your body.

Cloud-based Games

You can play cloud-based games without loading than on your device. It runs the game application remotely and then encodes the graphics of the game to a video game for over transmitting to a wireless network to iOS or Android devices of clients. However, streaming services are inexpensive. The latest trend is the introduction of an arm-based server processor and high-speed encoders.

Cross-Platform Application

Users can access their games on different devices such as laptops, phones, tablets, and desktops. Players can play with each other simultaneously. You can play on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Few of these games include Smite, Brawlhalla, Minecraft, Call of Duty: War Zone, Realm Royal, Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Fantasy strike, etc.

All Can Play

Playing any kind of physical game is meant, rather essential for all ages. Initially, only kids played. Then the adolescents’ school and college-going for engagement started playing and entertainment. Now, the mobile game development companies have started developing several games suiting to the suiting to their likes and entertainment. Adults too are finding mobile phones, suiting to their lifestyle.

Customization & Personalization

Customization of games is exclusively dependent on the likes and dislikes of the users. It is for the game development companies to access through their various techniques and control their production accordingly. On the contrary, the characteristics and features control the aspect of personalization. By adopting new technologies and new features, the company makes the persons (users) choose the same.

Best Mobile Game Development Tools

  • Unity is cross-platform
  • Lumberyard is fully customizable cross-platform
  • Corona SDK is a lightweight cross-platform
  • App Game Kit is meant for novices

Unreal Engine has unique features like VFX, Advanced Particle system. It uses C++ as its programming language and was included in the Guinness Books of records

A lot of variable factors, such as features, characteristics, trends, practices, personalization, and customization, play roles in the development of mobile games. Therefore, it is a highly competitive industry. Yet, it has a considerable prospect of earning revenue. The significant factor, therefore, is the marketing strategies adopted by the game development company.